Clutch Kit - Mini & Moke AP Brand R70NPM / KT8854

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Clutch KIT (Contains clutch plate, pressure plate, and thrust bearing).

High Quality AP brand

Suits ALL Minis & Mokes made before 1990. for 1275's and larger we recommend using CK8855 which is a heaver duty clutch.

Doesnt suit A+ Import Motors with a "Verto" clutch the "Verto" clutch has the slave cylinder mounted on a 45 degree angle on a tin bracket; a 'normal' mini clutch has the slave cylinder mounted horizontally on the transfer housing (bellhousing).

Parts available seperately if required.

We suggest removing the primary gear and checking the condition of the crank and gear and then setting gear endfloat at around .005" This will also mean you need to replace the seal....see seal, oil primary gear.

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