Flywheel - ultralight - race style Uses Rover starter C-AEG420M

/oscimages/flywheel lwtMED steel
AUD $399.00 each

This version requires Rover or A plus reduction starter as there are more teeth on the ring gear for easier starting.

All light flywheels really need a reduction starter.

Ultra light (8.38lbs) forged EN8steel race flywheel for non Verto clutch with ring gear. Forged is more rigid at high speed.

The latest refinement of the Ultra-light Mini flywheel is now made symmetrically to reduce harmonics vibrations caused by earlier versions (those with just 3 large lightening slots) - yet it still weighs just over 8 lbs.! This is considerably lighter than a safely lightened standard iron flywheel, and also provides a much hardier clutch surface. The engine sees 11.22 lbs less to accelerate off of the total car. Therefore by lightening the flywheel by 8 lb, the engine sees a total reduction of the cars accelerative weight.

3 spacers are included to set drive strap heights.

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