Gasket Set - Block or short motor EF074 / HYL3611

/oscimages/gasket set conversion to 77
AUD $43.00 each

This "Block" Gasket Set has ALL The gaskets to re-assemble the engine block (without the head) and fit it to the gearbox. Also known as a 'Conversion' set


  • "Sump" gaskets (Gearbox to Engine)
  • "D" Rubber Seal at the end of the gearbox to engine (half moon seal)
  • Timing Cover Gasket
  • Timing Cover plate to Block Gasket
  • Timing Cover Seal
  • Bellhousing Gasket
  • Clutch Seal (Primary Gear Seal)
  • Oil Pump Gasket
  • Water pump gasket
  • Fuel pump gasket

We also have gasket sets avilable for the Diff, Gearbox, and Head Gasket.

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