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Conrod Set RACE H beam Mini 1275 Cooper S press fit ARP bolts A mc1275grrrod

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AUD $1,300.00 each

In stock now - Brand new exclusive to Australia, Graham Russell and Minisplus H beam conrods made from 4340 material with ARP 2000 series bolts.

Exceptionally low weight of approx 455 Gram, Made from USA billets specially made for us. One of the lightest and strongest rods in the world. Aircraft standard.

Shot peened after full polishing weighted end for end and unique press fit small end ( most other H beam are bushed and require making teflon buttons).

Maufactured by a most respected Australian conrod company who manufacture for European and Japanese race teams. Designed in conjunction with Russell Engineering.

Another performance product at an affordable price. Made for Cooper S dimensions of 1.625" crank journal (Std Cooper S) standard stroke length. These have been successfully race tested.

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