There are some critical tensions of fastners on a Mini / Moke.

Here are some of the most commonly asked for settings.

It is always important to use a good quality calibrated torque wrench and use this figures in conjunction with your workshop manual.


Cylinder head stud nuts                                40-42 ft/lb
                    cooper s extra at therm hsg        25 ft/lb
connecting rod big end bolts                         35 ft/lb
1275 5/16" bolt 35 ft/lb

                    cooper s  3/8" bolt                     46 ft/lb
main bearing bolts                                        60 ft/lb
                cooper s bolts early                        67 ft/lb
                cooper s studs/nuts   late               57 ft/lb
Flywheel centre bolt                                    150 ft/lb
gudgeon pin clamp bolt 848/948                  25 ft/lb
rocker shaft 5/16" studs                                25 ft/lb
gearbox case to block                                    6 ft/lb
cam follower covers                                        2 ft/lb
Timing cover 1/4" bolts                                  6 ft/lb
Timing cover 5/16" bolts                                14 ft/lb
water pump                                                      17 ft/lb
water outlet  end of head                                8 ft/lb
Oil filter                                                          16 ft/lb
Oil pump                                                          9 ft/lb
manifold to head                                              15 ft/lb
rocker cover hold down                                    4 ft/lb
Crank front pulley nut                                    70 ft/lb
first motion nut (g/box flywheel end)             90 ft/lb
pinion g/box nut                                              90 ft/lb
crown wheel bolt                                              60 ft/lb
diff output nuts                                                60 ft/lb then align to next hole
diff side cover bolts                                           18 ft/lb
ball joint nuts                                                    70 ft/lb  bend locktab
steering knuckle to hub top bolts                    35 ft/lb
driveshaft (cv) nut  drum                                  60 ft/lb
driveshaft nut (cv) disc                                     150 ft/lb  
steering wheel nut                                            41 ft/lb
wheel nuts                                                        38-43 ft/lb
caliper retaining bolts                                      35-40 ft/lb

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